Hideki Togi, gagaku player, was born in Tokyo in 1959. The Togi family has a tradition of Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) which can be traced back to the Nara period (1.300 years ago). Due to his father's job, Hideki spent his childhood abroad and grew up surrounded by various kinds of music including rock, classical and jazz. After graduating from high school, he joined the music department of the Imperial Household Agency.
His main focus there was the Japanese instrument, the Hichiriki; however, he also gained experiences with the Biwa, Tsuzumi and cello; he also sang and danced. By participating not only in the ceremonies at the Imperial Palace, but also in the overseas performances,
including the concerts in Geneva and Berne on the occasion of the 150-year anniversary of establishment of Japan-Switzerland Diplomatic Relation on the invitation of the Swiss Government.